Children's Service on 27th July

posted 29 Jul 2014, 13:00 by The Office
We had a lovely congregation of over forty adults and more than ten children at the evening worship which the children put together and led. It was a marvellous service with a variety of music, prayers and activities, including acts of penitence and thanksgiving and distribution of cup cakes which the children made in the afternoon! In fact, there were far more people present than we had expected (thank you all!) and we under-catered! Next time we will bear this in mind.

Thank you to Kate, Reverend Ann and Angela for their work. Thank you all for coming along. And thank you children - Laura, Katelyn, Lucy S, Lucy P, Edward, William, Katie, Abi and Alex - for a thoughtful and enjoyable act of worship.

More worship events led by the children will definitely follow - the next is a Holy Communion on Sunday morning, 2nd November, All Saints Day. Please put that in your diaries.

Reverend Susan.