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The St. Lawence, Barnwood 

£30,000 Bell Appeal.


Did you know that St.Lawrence’s has had a ring of bells since 1698?


The original ring of six bells was cast at the Rudhall’s bell foundry in Gloucester (hence Bell Walk in the City which is where the foundry was situated!)


They were augmented to a ring of eight bells in 1913 in the key of G.


The largest bell, the tenor, has the note G, weighs just over 10cwt, which is about 505kilos, and is 40inches in diameter which is just over a metre.

The smallest bell, the treble, also in G is an octave higher.


1913 was the last time that any major work was carried out on the

bells and fittings.


Over the last 100 years, time has taken its toll and it’s now necessary to do some remedial work in order to keep the bells ringing for the next 100 years.
Bell Chamber


Some of the proposed work:


To put the front six bells on roller bearings (the back two bells were done some years ago). This is because the plain bearings are becoming worn thus allowing oil to leak out and, also, making the bells increasingly difficult to ring.


Where the clappers hit the bells, over time, indentations have been made. Eventually these indentations will cause the bells to crack.
The proposed work will involve sending five of the bells to ‘Soundweld’ to have  both the indentations and the holes in the crown (top of the bell) filled in so that the bells will be as good as new once again!

The other three bells will go directly to the bell foundry where, eventually, all eight bells will be worked upon.

The Ringing Room

In order to reduce the cost, we intend to carry out as much of the work as possible ourselves! This involves ‘labouring’ type work with the specialist bell-hanger, and much of the necessary dismantling work.


Originally we were hoping that most of the work could have been done without removing the bells from the tower but with the extra work that  has now been found to be necessary this will not be possible.


While the bells are not in use (approximately 8 weeks?) the steel frame will be repainted, again using ‘volunteer’ labour.


We are having a launch day on

Saturday 15th October in the

Church Centre from 10.00am until
3.00pm when there will be a
powerpoint presentation on the hour,
every hour. 

  Refreshments will be served.

There will be a chance to visit the  ringing chamber and, for the more   mobile, an opportunity to look at the bells (this involves climbing two    vertical ladders!). A video camera will be set up so that you will be able to see some of the bells ringing without having to climb the ladders.


Please do come along and join us and help raise the money needed to keep the bells ringing for another 100 years.

Cheques should be made payable to Barnwood PCC Bells Appeal and can be sent, or taken, to the Church Office or brought along on the launch day. If you could gift aid any donation it will increase the value of your gift by 25%.



*Yes we mean English not British, come along and we will explain!