Weddings & Baptisms


St Lawrence's church is a beautiful setting for your wedding, with its cosy, historic and beautiful situation.

If you have always dreamed of a church wedding, or are thinking about it for the first time, we will be delighted to help and support you. Having your wedding in church makes it very personal and special; It adds a beauty and spirituality for your very important day.

Visit where you will find very helpful information and lots of answered questions about church weddings.

There are certain legal requirements that must be fulfilled for you to be married in a particular church. If either or both of you live within the parish boundaries there is no problem at all.

To check out the parish where you live visit You can also be eligible to marry in a certain church if you have a qualifying connection with that church. Visit for details.

If none of these apply, you are invited to worship regularly at St Lawrence's during the year before your wedding so you can become a member of the church.

If one or both of you is divorced the vicar will wish to meet to chat with you before a final decision can be made as to whether a church wedding will be possible.

To discuss any aspect of planning your wedding please contact the Church Office by phone: 01452 372731 or e-mail:

A leaflet containing application forms and costs is available from the Church Office.


It is always a joy to welcome children and their families for a baptism service, and to make it a very personal occasion for you. You will make the declarations of the Christian faith on behalf of your child, and promise to bring them up in the life of the church. Adults wishing to be baptised are also most welcome. The service is always held on a Sunday, usually at 11.30am. The date of the baptism can be discussed at the first visit by a member of our ministry team. To arrange a baptism please contact the parish office 01452 372731.

There are no legal requirements for baptism, but we would usually recommend that you have your child baptised at the parish church where you live, unless you have special connections with St Lawrence. To see which is your local parish church visit

If you would prefer a service of Thanksgiving instead of baptism, we will be very willing to discuss this with you.


We look forward to helping any family who live in our parish, or those who have close links with the parish, at a time of bereavement. Funerals are arranged via the funeral directors, who will in turn contact the vicar. A member of the clergy will visit the bereaved family as soon as possible and help with all aspects of the planning of the funeral service. A funeral can either be held in the church or in the Crematorium, depending on your wishes.